Our Mission

  • To advocate sisterhood and share our love for reading with others.
  • To advocate literacy throughout our community with volunteer efforts.
  • To have women contributing to a collection of wisdom with an environment of lively discussions and to build lifelong friendships.
  • To fellowship and host monthly meetings in order to share ideas and dialogue about a variety of books.
  • To build strategic relationships, advocate book clubs, African American authors, and other literary organizations and events.
Sistah Minds In Motions (SMM) is a group of women with
diverse backgrounds located in the surrounding areas of
the greater Atlanta area. SMM stemmed from a vision of
desiring to bond resilient African-American women in
cultivating friendships, encountering new and unique
experiences, social gatherings, networking, taking part in
community events and the overall encouragement of
each member. We are women that are married, single,
employed, in school, educators, working moms,
stay-at-home moms, and women from all walks of life.
We chose to come together to share wisdom, advice,
opportunities and discuss the ripples of day to day
issues in life.

SMM was established in November 2009 by Bobbi
Ramey. Our first official book club meeting took place on
January 16, 2010. Bobbi Ramey is an avid inspirational
reader. The idea was to bring together a diverse group
of women who enjoy reading and to bond spiritually. She
asked her family and friends if they would be interested
in joining and the rest is history!  SMM was born!  

As black women, time and time again we have exclusive
desires and concerns that are not recognized by those
who cannot relate to our cultural issues. We speak
openly and honestly to each other about all aspects of
life. We continue to respect our differences give our
support, uplift, and celebrate one another.
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