Membership Questions

How can I become a member?

    Membership is by invitation only. The invitation can be from the President or members.

Do you have dues?

    Yes! Dues are $15.00 a month which goes towards birthdays, author dinners, illness, and web site hosting.

How are books selected?  What is the process?   

    We want to give each member an opportunity to choose a book and location. Because we are small, we will begin by asking for volunteers to choose a book and
    location. As we expand, we will shift to drawing names.

What type of books may be selected?

    Each member is unique.  For example, one member may have a love for Romance novels and the next person may have an interest in Christian fiction. We are
    open to all genres and the Hostess of the month will choose the book and location. We want to embrace our African American authors foremost, yet other authors
    are welcome.

Will we support other book clubs?

    Yes we will!!! It is SMM’s objective to connect with other book clubs in Georgia and other areas in the United States!  This gives SMM an opportunity to network
    and support other groups.

Will we participate in other volunteer events?

    Yes! We will promote literacy in our community. Some of our many activities will include reading to the children at the library or community centers, visiting
    hospitals, and any other volunteer opportunity. Each member is encouraged to bring suggestions.
Frequently Asked Questions

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